depression comix #1



5 thoughts on “depression comix #1

  1. The first one drawn, but not the first idea I had. Essentially, this one was just to establish the comic in a straight-forward way. However, that doesn’t mean that this isn’t necessarily accurate; I often get caught up in dark thoughts when I’m not involved in some concentration-demanding task. They are a part of my thought processes every day, and sometimes they are so loud they are distracting. Probably each of those word balloons will become its own strip at done point.

  2. Today, I fell into a rut. I was down and just generally… I don’t know, sad. I surfed the internet and I found this wonderful blog of comics and they were just so painfully accurate I couldn’t stop going to the next comic till I finished reading all of them. So I went from the very latest one to this one and not once did they stop being something that I could relate and understand. I don’t feel so alone now. Thank you.

  3. Got to #1!! Love your comic strip soooooooo much. I’ve got anxiety & PTSD and probably a touch of long term depression since childhood… have had plenty of counselling, and was recently put on a low dose SSRI after PTSD made everything worse. Life was never that bad… but anxiety just made everything feel very very ya’know?
    Anyway… just want to say i love love love your strip, you illustrate everything so very very very very well, and I hope I’m not behaving creepily by reading backwards on your entire blog! It did take me over a week though… so I guess I’m not a stalker since if it took this long then obviously i’m not obsessed…. erm.. okay i’ll stop rambling now…

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