depression comix #2



One thought on “depression comix #2

  1. This idea I had in my mind for awhile, but I was having trouble adapting it to the four panel strip. When I pulled out the sheet of blank paper to draw #1, it suddenly occurred to me just to use whole panels for captions. Not only did it maintain the rhythm of the strip, but it was also two less panels to draw. This was too good a discovery just to do once, but to do every second strip. As an extra bonus, it also allows me some variety in ideas that perhaps doing the strip normally would not allow. As it is, these “compare-contrast” strips are also more effective at making their point than the regular strips. As for the content, it tries to make the point that depression may seem like a person is just down, but under the surface it really is much, much worse — not just a cloud of unhappiness but a whole goddamn storm of despair and hopelessness.

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