depression comix #20



3 thoughts on “depression comix #20

  1. Some (but definitely not all) people who self-injure initially start off to control the pain, to quiet the voices, to punish themselves, and to feel, even if it is a harmful feeling. Soon they have to cut, they have to hurt themselves, they have to feel the pain. I knew several people who needed to hurt themselves, who needed the pain, just to confirm their own sense of being alive. I didn’t understand it back then, I thought they were attention seeking individuals who wanted to shock people or try to draw pity from others. I was wrong. This is truly a hell where damaging yourself is the only way you can cope with the storm in your mind.

  2. I went through that in junior high. I chewed the skin off my knuckles. But I couldn’t handle the pain or hide the scabs. I’m such a failure.

  3. This is a very good depiction of how cutting evolves,it’s like drug addiction. I have not done it in 6 years now and I really feel like someone out of rehab. Thank you for this comics.

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