depression comix #23



2 thoughts on “depression comix #23

  1. This strip was an attempt to look at my own behavior through the eyes of someone else who had to deal with me. At one point, through avoiding people and generally being very morose and agitated all the time, I managed to alienate myself from most of my friends. This strip is to show it wasn’t their fault, it was mine. And in the end, I managed to convince myself they hated me all along, and I wasn’t worth the effort, which only contributed to making me more isolated from people.
    This strip was also the beginning of me trying to see things from the viewpoint of other people, as I was feeling the strips were rather unsympathetic to the friends of depressed people. They have a point of view too, and in order to understand depression better, I think it’s worthwhile to show how the two different viewpoints actually work together to unintentionally make depression worse.

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