depression comix #28



2 thoughts on “depression comix #28

  1. This has gotten me into more trouble than I care to admit, especially when dealing with responses about the comic. I have blanket responses for praise, and I don’t know how to really react to it properly. Generally, I just don’t believe it, and try to find rationalizations for the strange behavior that is praising someone. On the other hand, criticism, although I do end up appreciating it eventually, initially gets my defenses up and I’m ready for a fight. Or I over compensate and think everything I do sucks. This must make it very difficult for anyone to give me comments, and it’s not a good thing.

  2. After many decades of life, I’m finally learning to drop my literal interpretation of “How’s it going” and just treat it as meaningless protocol, like a polite but meaningless handshake. They say the best reply to a compliment is a simple “Thank you.” I think I will start to treat compliments as another meaningless protocol. We’ve exchanged a meaningless compliment and a meaningless thank you, and now we can get on with what we were really going to talk about.

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