depression comix #31



2 thoughts on “depression comix #31

  1. Suicide.
    At some point I knew I had to start focussing on it sometime, because these types of thoughts affect many people who are afflicted with depression and I believe really strikes at the heart of what depression really is. It also reminds me of the reality that depression, if left unchecked, can be a fatal disease. We have a tendency as a society to understate the seriousness of depression, but make no mistake: it can lead to death.
    I was trying to figure out how to work it into the comic when a person who was in the comic industry died last year of depression (doesn’t it sound strange to say it that way? Isn’t it more comfortable to ignore his depression and focus on his final act of suicide instead?). I read this news on a number of blogs and although the majority of comments were filled with condolences, there were always the one or two jerks who had to say that he was selfish, cowardly, etc. for doing that. And I thought to myself how convenient it is to ignore his point of view, the things that made him believe that his death had more value in the world than his life, and criticize him instead. What a complete lack of understanding of what depression and suicide really are. Then this comic came to me.
    I’m sorry for getting on a soapbox because of this. Actually, I’m not sorry. Because I had the same holier than thou attitudes some time ago when I knew people who had died by their own hand. I’m finally beginning to understand now, and to those people I am truly sorry.

  2. A headline today said that depression kills by dramatically increasing the probability of strokes, too. And then there’s diabetes from comfort foods, heart disease from lack of exercise, cancer from stress. They just take a little longer.

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