depression comix #38



4 thoughts on “depression comix #38

  1. More of my own personal social anxiety. However, I have reached the point where I am more comfortable being alone so I don’t get those pangs in the second panel that much anymore. When I was in university, those pangs were unbearable, and when I got myself in social situations I more than often wished I hadn’t. Being single seems to amplify this position.

  2. My bubble for the second frame reads as Clay wrote it, “I hate being this lonely.”

    But my bubble for the fourth frame reads, “I hate being this lonely.”

    There’s nothing like sitting in a corner by yourself and watching people rush to each other, embrace, talk, laugh. Well, actually, there is. It’s watching the crowd socializing while sitting in that frigid zone next to a spouse who’s had about enough of you.

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