depression comix #39



2 thoughts on “depression comix #39

  1. This was an idea I had kicking around from the beginning, based on that stupid advice “getting laid will fix your depression”. No, that won’t fix depression. Getting involved with someone when I’m fucked up doesn’t fix things. All it does is exacerbate the problem and dumps my shit on someone who wasn’t looking to deal with it in the first place. During my depression I went through a few doomed relationships because I thought being with someone would make the isolation and loneliness disappear, when in reality, that isolation and loneliness were in a part of my head they could never reach. It was unfair to expect them to do that. I should have made more of an effort to fix myself before I pushed my broken mind on someone else.

    Now the comic did not get a lot of notes on tumblr. Sometimes my ideas don’t come out as well as I meant them to, or readers couldn’t find anything they could relate to.

  2. Sometimes, isolation and loneliness aren’t just in your head, and that can compound it. It’s hard to find someone you CAN talk to, open up to, revealing your most hideous, embarrassing, offensive thoughts and desires. Even if somebody is willing, you might feel that you don’t have a right to lay all that on them.

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