depression comix #4



4 thoughts on “depression comix #4

  1. I don’t know if that’s how normal friends view each other, I’m just guessing. Do you know what happens when you view friendships as negative? Soon you don’t have any as sooner or later even the most loyal of friends get pissed off and decide you’re not worth the effort anymore. And the reason you view friendships as negative is because that’s what depression does to you – forces you to take every slight personally, construe everything so that it fits your negative world-view and convinces you through this biased evidence that you are indeed alone and your friends are ambivalent towards you or worse. In fairness, it is possible to have honestly awful friends that make you feel awful, but depression knows no prejudice and will soon have you thinking the same way about all your friends regardless of their level of kindness. After finishing the strip, I added a short commentary on the tumblr version because I was afraid someone might miss the point and think that I was giving a true representation of my friends and not the depression-filtered version. However, because you can edit text in reblogs, my comments were eventually deleted and people DID take it the wrong way. So I guess I should add a warning to these comics that they do not ever EVER advocate proper behavior.

  2. I was shown these comics fairly recently (this one specifically) by a friend who is struggling with depression and they showed me it to so I could understand how they feel better. They certainly did the job. Thank-you for helping me understand him, and myself, better.

  3. I know some people who think that way. I don’t know how to take it when their suspicion leaks out. I tend to take people at face value, so I’d say I have some great people around me, what few there are. They see my potential where I see unfulfilled potential. They see charm where I see a guy who uses humor to dull the pain. They see character where I see all my moral failures. So the thought bubbles in the fourth frame reflect how I think I deserve to be seen. That is to say, the ‘toon sill connects.

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