depression comix #41



2 thoughts on “depression comix #41

  1. This strip was inspired by a number of comments I received about strips like #15 and #37 where I try to make it clear there is no choice in having depression but why hang onto it? Some of us hang on to it because it’s comfortable.  Because we get used to it and being otherwise scares the shit out of us.  Because the it’s the devil we know.  For some people, depression becomes our only friend.  This is not healthy, obviously, but this is how it works for some people.

  2. When I try and fail, it gives me validation for what my fallen self has been telling me all along. I must value that validation more than I value an occasional success, and I must see the relief that would come from an ultimate and conclusive fall as a brighter “light at the end of the tunnel” than struggling for an unlikely victory. So, yes, I choose the comforting blanket of semi-honest depression over the nakedness of forced faith in false hopes that will only lead to further disappointment and disillusion..

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