depression comix #5



3 thoughts on “depression comix #5

  1. This strip is a critical strip for me in that it begins to set up the style of the comic. It begins the use of metaphor, and shows that the comic has its own reality. The “smile card” illustrates symbolically a faked smile, and while obvious to the reader, the other characters do not see though it. That this worked showed me that I could do more with metaphor for concepts that are difficult to describe or illustrate in a more reality-based comic. It also begins the comic’s own visual vocabulary, not only with the smile card but in the third panel with the “daggers of despair” — a background of spikes to show that he is in the grip of a depressive spell. Neil Young once crooned, “I have to think to smile” and that’s something many can relate to. It takes a lot of effort to ensure that the mental hell that’s going on in the inside doesn’t show on the outside. Sometimes I forget I’m being seen, and it slips, which is what the last two panels are about.

  2. No fair. Tears. Actually, I envy you. My smile card is made out of 200-plus pounds of lead. Last time I used it, I dropped it and it broke my big toe. I’m getting old, my muscle tone is gone, my testosterone is falling, and I’m tired of life, so I use my smile card less and less.

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