depression comix #6



5 thoughts on “depression comix #6

  1. This strip came to me after I had established the smile card and the idea of masks representing different depressive states was something I was contemplating. I had an idea for a medsmask from my experience using Prozac all those years ago. As I write this, I haven’t used the medsmask since, that is an oversight I will have to correct soon. I wanted to draw static in the thought balloons but I didn’t have the patience so I drew some random dots instead. I’m surprised at the tumblr responses, many which stated that this depiction of meds is fairly accurate.

  2. I might be really lucky, but my own experience with medication for depression was not like this at all — in fact, it was the opposite. I was worried that meds would stifle my creativity, or change me into someone I wasn’t, but that’s not what happened. Instead, it was like the depression had been a mask suppressing my true self, and the medication managed to lift that mask so the real me could shine through. It was a great relief. This might be because modern drugs have fewer side effects, or I might have just lucked into the perfect drug for me right away. (I know that many people have to try several different drugs before they can find one that works without too many side effects.) Anyway, I just wanted to share my experiences and encourage people to at least give medication a try, because it’s possible that the “medsmask” won’t happen.

  3. Yeah, my version of this guy would has an eye where his ear goes, his ear where his nose goes, his arm moved down to the bottom of his rib cage to represent the side effects. Sometimes, instead of the mask, he walks around like the safe sex scene in one of the Naked Gun movies because the meds just insulate him from his problems without really fixing them. But he continues the meds, not for his own sake (he doesn’t care what happens to him anymore, in fact, he craves the fall that would validate all his self-condemnation), but for the sake of those around him.

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