depression comix #43


2 thoughts on “depression comix #43

  1. Sometimes the sadness experienced clouds the mind to the needs and feelings of others. And while the reasons for sadness seem rather arbitrary compared to others, it is simply the part of our minds that generates sadness to keep us in a constant state of equilibrium.

  2. That’s a great lesson about disciplining oneself to develop an active listen habit. I’ve found that it helps me when I first earn the right to share about my pain. Obviously, it’s good for me to climb out of my depression compartment and into a compartment where I’m distracted by caring about somebody else. But there’s more.

    If the other person does not return the courtesy of asking, then it would probably have been a waste of time to have gone first. But if the other person does, it will be more profitable for me, both because that person already has a better frame of mind for listening, and because I have built a better connection so the other person will be an even better listener.

    And, of course, I avoid embarrassing myself as shown in the strip.

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