depression comix #45


3 thoughts on “depression comix #45

  1. Maybe this needs to be said. If I really, really want to understand someone, it is essential that I also understand that person’s point of view. It is way too easy to dismiss people on the basis that one’s own way of seeing things is the only way of seeing it. Everyone had a point of view, and to that person, it’s always going to be logical and sound.

    I mentioned in an earlier commentary (#31) that there are those who consider suicide to be a simple act of cowardice and selfishness. Maybe it helps us to deal with the aftermath by making the individual the villain and the survivors the victims, but it’s not correct and completely dismisses the individual’s point of view. And knowing that point of view is essential if we truly want to know why suicide happens. As long as we ignore the reasons people commit suicide, we will never be able to tackle the problem.

    This strip is not out to justify suicide by any means. It’s just trying to illustrate that there are different points of view that we should not ignore if we really want to understand.

  2. I think about this all the time. The complete failure at life that I am and how my family would be so much better if I just stopped existing at all. Sure, they would feel for my death but they would be relieved from the burden of my life. People die and the family moves forward, that’s how life works. I think about the fact that they wouldn’t understand but this doesn’t change the fact that they will be better without me in their lives. No one understands how sick I am, so I have thought about slowly poisoning myself so the body fits the soul and I can die without being recognized as suicide.

    And I fight these plans ALL MY WAKING HOURS because I love them.

    They say I am using my sickness as an excuse to not get better and work and take care of my responsibilities; I am using my LOVE FOR THEM to keep me ALIVE, but surviving doesn’t cut it for them. I just hope my love for them is enough to keep me fighting even if my loved ones don’t see the fight.

    Alas, people will call me selfish? How much you have to think about your loved ones and sacrifice before you are pardoned enough to get the right to be at peace and without pain, finally? If that matters, I will suffer a lot instead of a quick and painless final solution, all because I care a LOT about not leaving scarred “suicide survivers” after I clean my mess. I wish I had the courage of not caring.

  3. Bravo, L. The same reasoning has kept me alive. Not to mention fear (of death), curiosity (what’s around the corner?), and having faith that jurisdiction over the scissors that cut our golden threads belongs to a power far more intelligent and loving than me.

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