depression comix #50


2 thoughts on “depression comix #50

  1. The most dangerous point is not when you’re at your lowest. The lowest point is when you’re so weighed down by depression that managing anything becomes impossible. It’s when you start to improve that the dangerous times really begin. I always believed that my improvements would never lead to an actual recovery but a slight breather before it all inevitably crashes again. For a few tragic people, this is their chance to act on the depression in a final fatal way.

  2. This is unfortunately all too true. In the deepest depths of depression, you don’t even have the energy or the mental organization or the capacity to think or any of those motivating kinds of things that would be necessary to off yourself. Get a wee bit better and ah, yes, we still feel horrible but now have that eency weency bit of motivating energy that’s necessary to get the job done. If anyone reading this feels this way, or knows someone who does, please call a friend, family member or spouse, or a mental health hotline right now. Depression can kill you.

    Oh, and…. This cartoon tells the story. Great job.

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