depression comix #53


7 thoughts on “depression comix #53

  1. This is an argument I have with myself every day. It’s so hard to see yourself as being worthy of another person’s love when you can’t find anything about you worth loving.

  2. I’ve somehow manage to overcome several parts of my Lil’D, but this one is the one that continues to haunt me most. This one is always there.

    Thank you.

  3. It’s pretty much impossible to love yourself when you’re depressed. How can you love feeling shitty all the time? That’s the catch-22 of the whole thing. If you loved yourself you probably wouldn’t be depressed. I’m talking here from my own perspective, since I don’t have any way of knowing what anyone else’s experience is. I guess this is a long-way-around way of saying: you hit the nail on the head. Again.

  4. Depression makes it hard to accept that even those close to you love you. My fourth panel would have zoomed out to show her spouse sleeping on the far side of the bed, with a thought bubble over his head with little hearts and her face.

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