depression comix #55


5 thoughts on “depression comix #55

  1. I had the kind of depression that makes you NOT eat. When I was 11 years old I discovered that not eating gave me control over something: what I put in my mouth. Later on I got the kind where you’re just not alive enough to eat. Medications kept me from killing myself because was too sedated to do so. Otherwise they had no effect at all. Luckily for me, a new psychiatrist was covering for mine one day in the hospital, and thought that based on my history, some lithium might be in order. Magic! I started climbing out of the hole. I now take a cocktail of 5 different meds, and as a whole, feel much better. I also did 6 weeks of rTMS, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, which literally gave me back my life. I still have ups and downs, often completely disabling, but thank G-d most of the time when I remember to eat, the food tastes good.

    1. I have a lot of respect for Laura, MD. Depression and poor study skills crippled my college career and killed my hopes of med school. My Bachelor’s degree took me ten years, and I finished by the skin of my teeth. The point is, getting into and through med school is a spectacular accomplishment for a depressive. (“We’re not worthy!”)

      1. Hi Rich–I’m so sorry that depression derailed your dreams–I guess I was more fortunate than I knew, being bipolar, that I could use that “other” energy to push through. I got ten good years of practice after residency (which wrecked most of my life) before my final crash and burn. Still dealing with a lot of crap from childhood…I guess it’s a process we all have to deal with. Do you have other dreams? Are you in good treatment?

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