depression comix #65


2 thoughts on “depression comix #65

  1. I had a hard time getting the dialogue out for this. I rewrote it several times and I’m still not terribly happy with it. But the point is, if I had a reset button that would make me start over from scratch, it would be very tempting indeed.

  2. Actually I really did reset myself once. I was depressed and miserable in high school so I went to college 750 miles away! All new people, nobody knew of my past social gaffs, everybody was new. And it worked! For years I felt much better. If I had known about REBT and Three Minute Therapy back then I think I could have done even better and not fallen back into depression.

    Come to think of it getting married was another big reset point for me. Stopped the depression for well over 10 years.

    Just don’t use H. Beam Piper’s reset switch.

    Thanks for doing these comics. I really should post more here.

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