4 thoughts on “depression comix #118

    1. I promise, you’re not alone. It feels so much like hardly anyone else around me feels this way and knows that I can easily feel this way. And there are some arenas where I may even appear successful or well off. It’s easy to feel like it’s a game, a show, and that there are a couple key things to achieve or have that make you a success or worthwhile, or like you haven’t wasted your time and talents.

      But there is a place in God, a place that is very low and narrow, where nothing but soul and self fit in. It is the ultimate equalizer of life, of both imperfection and successes. This is what life boils down to, and where it also begins. Every time I allow myself back in that place, I am refilled within with more than everything…in this same, frail, fragile, broken vessel I call my life.

      Peace and grace to you…

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