3 thoughts on “depression comix #135 [tw: suicide]

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    Once again, Clay is reading my thoughts. How does he do that? Or is it really true that we are not alone in our passive suicidal death wishes? I don’t know about others, but I have had the exact same thoughts. The only differences are the thought of someone finding me (NO!), the thought of someone having to live the rest of their life having hit me with their (car, bus, train), and the horrible mess I would make on the sidewalk for someone to have to clean up, and bystanders to have to see. In other words, the thought of being the agent of someone else’s nightmares. So I guess I’m not there yet, right? Hope none of us ever are.

  2. Having been there, I think anyone going through a depressive episode (I am assuming by the name of your blog that you are manic-depressive) or even an extended manic episode has had their mind wander to thoughts either totally real or just thoughts of committing suicide. So, I believe that we are not alone in our desire to do ourselves in. For me, it took an attempt that was nearly successful for me to almost totally abolish the idea altogether. if you are thinking about the consequences of the action, then you are definitely not there. Which is a good thing 🙂

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