8 thoughts on “depression comix #136

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    I had a very serious relationship…we were going to get married…but this same scenario came up again and again….so we didn’t get married, and I broke it off. He didn’t want to break it off, but I couldn’t stand being the reason for everything bad that ever happened to us, because “I was always bummed out.”

  2. Despite big ups and downs in my life, I never got depressed…but I’ve had a whole lot of people kill themselves around me for no apparent reason…This is absolutely horrible…billions are being spent on cures for self induced conditions as HIV or smoking…but research on this terrible malady, seemingly without cause, the absolute worse a human can suffer? Nothing, or almost nothing…This is truly shameful. Imagine! The patient is blamed for his suffering!
    Congratulation on the author…know that there is always a few that understand and are supporting you!

  3. I was going through a similar situation. There was a special man in my life and I was just as afraid of keeping him as I was losing him. In the end I decided that he knew exactly what kind of baggage I was carrying and he chose to marry me anyway. I figured he knew it all and knew exactly what he was getting in to and therefore the decision was his. Luckily for me it turned out to be the right decision and we’ve been together for 10 years.

    1. I’m very glad to hear that. It is a very difficult thing to stick by someone through their mental illness and it is greatly appreciated when they do, even when our moods say otherwise.

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