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4 thoughts on “159

  1. Wow, this is exactly how I feel today. Just surviving, giving nothing back to anyone, and feeling deeply apologetic about it. Tearing up a bit, it hits so close to home.

    Thankfully, my husband is a lot like Freckles. I can say, “Can you just hold me for a while?” and he’ll drop whatever he’s doing and comfort me. I am truly lucky and undeserving.

  2. exactely me too… Always feels hard to me to ask for somebody s help, embrace or anything actually. and when my truth friends give you some hug, some listenning, some support…it s so hard to take it. Feel like i don t desserve, feel lke i m boddering them too much…
    Khizzara, please believe that you desserve all that ove from your husband…please believe that that loeve and support is what is gonna make you stronger and better. and one day you will give so much back to him and yourself… and besides… you are doing so much… you are surviving! Believe me…when you feel like this everyday, surviving for the ones you love is the breavest thing you do everyay… ❤
    Hang in there…

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