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8 thoughts on “241

  1. Very poignant, and I have been on that fence. It took one of my best supporters telling me that I was no longer welcome at her house, to call her at home (I had to use her cell number), and this was my mother protecting herself from the neediness that can come with depression or, in my case, bipolar disorder. This lasted for about 1.5 years and forced me to really look at what my behavior was doing to those around me. I have also had the reverse experience where I was the one who had to distance myself from someone I love dearly, but who’s own depression threatened to upset the delicate balance I had achieved. I was the one protecting myself. Bipolar and depression both just bite.

  2. Reblogged this on Lost RPer and commented:
    It’strue, he has his own stuff to deal with, I cant help him…
    If he didn’t know he was upset, How should I…
    No matter how hard I wanted to help, to make it better and to make him happy. Sometimes…. I cant help it.

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