Read at depression comix at http://wp.me/s3zYhM-244


13 thoughts on “244

    1. Thank you for your comment. BTW, another comment you made to a different post inspired a comic I drew up today. Thank you for that too.

      1. That strip made me change my view on the self-censorship issue, which is my future research topic (if I succeed in studies). I looked around, at political and social clashes, but didn’t look at myself, whereas concealing one’s mental health struggles due to fear of misunderstanding, abuse and/or consequences in one’s career is a form of self-censorship as well. Strange that I have missed it but you helped me to see it.
        You do a great job.

      2. You’re right, it definitely is a form of self-censorship. Even though I do this comic only a handful of people in my real life know about my depression since I was diagnosed 22 years ago. Mental illness disclosure is something you are more likely to regret saying than regret not saying, so self-censorship has been the chosen route for me. It’s kind of an isolating thing which you probably understand well. I look forward to whatever insights you discover and can share.

  1. When I’m depressed my last thought before I go to bed is I hope “I hope I don’t wake up” and my first thought when I do is “no one would care if I hadn’t”. Going to sleep and getting up are two of the hardest things to do when you have depression.

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