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17 thoughts on “251

  1. The worst thing is trust issues afterwards, by the way: it becomes very difficult to trust yourself (your perception of people, your ability to see the cues) and others (their trustworthiness), e.g. spoils the future.

    1. It is. I find that outside my home and my family that making friends can be a difficult thing as so many people I have thought to be on the alright sensible side have turned out to be lunatics in a really unsafe way. Or because I am outspoken I find myself avoiding people so yeah even at 37 I’m still negotiating this one.

      1. I hope so too.. 🙂 It hurts when people claim such things and leave… It may be the right decision for someone but it really breaks somebody who is trying to improve.. isn’t it? Anyway thanks…

      2. There are many people who believe that their presence alone should cure all ills but it’s not the case. And when they realize this they walk away from the damage they contributed to. Many hugs to you and as many healing feels as I can muster. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Just discovered your site and I’m loving everything I read. This one especially. God, the TRUST issues afterwards. And no one understands why.
    You know how to explain this stuff and it hits home. I’m going to share the shit out of your site and maybe it will help someone else as well. ❤

      1. You’re very welcome! Congratulations on your work so far. I think it’s incredible what you’re doing. I have been interested in the topic of depression for quite a while now and I’m looking forward to delving more into your art! All the best, Gregoria

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