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8 thoughts on “252

  1. her problem is the bikini. if she just gets a once piece speedo for athletes, and focuses on the feeling of swimming and not vanity she’ll do better.

  2. Can relate so much. Even in a one piece I feel self-conscious. Even in a tank top and shorts sometimes. I have scars on my calves, thighs, ankle, arms, stomach, and chest. I’m not proud to show them off and I hate having someone ask, “What happened?”

    1. Hi Kari’d away… the thing about water is people don’t see you under it. If you just swim and feel the movement and the swimming, it’s physically and emotionally healing and who cares about appearance? It helps all sorts of people in physical therapy… and supports joints due to the buoyancy of water… PLUS if you want to sun bathe and be looked at, you gotta think of the whole skin cancer thing. Sun bathing is literally dumb.

      I know we all want to feel beautiful and it helps self esteem… but the stereotypically “most beautiful” girls are sexually harassed and eaten alive. It’s like, careful what you wish for.

      hope this was okay to say to you. I don’t mean to be insensitive to your experience at all.

      Be proud of what your body can do. If you’re are strong enough to swim, you’re luckier than the girl with big boobs who can’t.

  3. This can happen to you in more than just the body way. For example you wrote a short story or painted a picture and suddenly it completely looses its meaning and importance to you.

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