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8 thoughts on “253

  1. Depends on if you (the advice giver) suffers from depression as well, doesn’t it? Sometimes it’s just this immediate urgent empathetic response from knowing pain and wanting to help stop pain and reminding each other not to give up when one avenue doesn’t work…

    This is not at all like gold or money or a monopoly game.

    “They” say never to give advice even when asked. “They” say to weigh it considering the source. But “They” also say, those who are not open to good advice, will have no influence on others. People give up on them… when we think we know everything better than everyone else.

    Your comics are good for discussion. People with depression need all the resources and help they can get. Maybe that’s different from “advice” I dunno. But keep it real. Feelings are valid… but sometimes the facts matter more.

    1. The advice giver in the comic is not a depression sufferer.

      I agree facts matter more, and most people are not aware of the facts. That’s why I always strongly suggest to see a professional. Layman’s advice is always based not on the latest research but something called “common sense”, which is a lot less “keeping it real” than medicine would dictate.

      1. Thanks for the clarification.

        I have encountered that most people giving advice on depression (including all the different counselors) suffer from depression as well, which I mean to say they are managing depression successfully not “curing it” and so many study their own issues and then go into the professional field. That was my reason for questioning the character.

        I left counseling after I got mistaken for a counselor… and I stopped the pharmaceutical route after too many misdiagnosis and only side effects which made everything worse.

        I am no one to give advice. But I can share my experiences…

        I like your comic. It’s meaningful work.

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