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9 thoughts on “256

      1. I’ve noticed that…for some reason this one stood out. I think it might be that unlike the others I’ve seen, there is no counterweight in this one–no alternate dialogue, explicit or implied. The sister acknowledges her concern about her brother, and then listens, with attention and without counter-thoughts. That’s what I get out of this strip. One of the great things about art is that other pairs of eyes often look at one’s work and see things in it that never even crossed our minds when we created the piece. And no two people will have the same impression, if it’s a good piece. That’s why I hate the current fad of having the artist write a narrative that’s posted next to the piece, explaining about the piece. It ruins the viewer’s experience of the piece on their own emotional palette. Sorry to go on about this. I really like this strip, is all 👍

      2. This one has no counterpoint because it was already dialogue heavy, something I don’t really like but noticed most of the recent strips being. Every word balloon takes up real estate, and the more word balloons the less art there is and the more it feels like a blog post. I did a strip where it really is one person talking to themselves and it was so visually uninteresting I scrapped it (http://www.depressioncomix.com/extras/rc2/). So she listens because there’s no room to say anything but she needs to be there so that the strip has a little more dynamic. This probably ruins it, but I hate for anyone to feel bad because I illustrate characters with people to talk to where in the real wold it’s not that easy.

        The fad of writing a narrative is something I don’t like either, to me it’s kind of lazy, like you didn’t have the patience to make the art a complete thought and can’t stand on it’s own. I’d rather see how people interpret the strip on their own, they often see things that I didn’t see and also gives me future strip ideas.

      3. Yes, there are situations that make me feel wistful, like the lesbian couple where one is profoundly depressed and the other gives unconditional love. That’s how many of us wish it were; but in truth it’s usually a different story, which I think you have also brought: the neurotypical partner is just not able to handle that much darkness, and has to bail. Hard to blame them….

      4. Well, that particular couple is there because a friend told me that I was being too negative with the non-depressed people, and I should show what support looks like instead of what it doesn’t look like. So that’s their reason why their relationship is successful, because I wanted to show how to support, not that a lot of people do it. But in reality, it’s rarely the case. I should really put a disclaimer on those strips because whenever I do one I get feedback saying “Why don’t I have a partner like that?” but most people can never be like that in reality.

  1. This is exactly how I feel. And it doesnt help that there was recently a major screw up at work and it all seems to point back to me. My stomach is in knots and I feel helpless…. All of my friends are married, or advancing in their carers.. I can barely seem to hold a job for longer than two years… This is going to be a depressing weekend..

    1. Hey, it’s ok not to be like others. Changing jobs and places might have greater value than being chained up a career and a family. And all jobs have these moments like yours, it’s ok.

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