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7 thoughts on “257

  1. Oh, she got invitations. Once people get angry because I was in a party without invitation; after a time they were angry because I didn’t go to parties despite I didn’t get invitation. Some years after they, when we met better at school and university, used to sent me invitations but I just pretended to don’t have time..

    1. That is too complicated for my poor pea-brain to comprehend. I only accept invitations from one person, who happens to be my grown child. No one else is trustworthy not to come up to me and ask me what I DO. What to say, I DO Bipolar? LOL

  2. Unfortunately I’ve lost many close friends because of this and my cancelling and declining invites has lost my fiance friends because he’s worried about leaving and having fun without me. Just gotta keep your head up and believe the right people will come around.

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