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4 thoughts on “261

  1. yesterday i went to the store & the yogurt i wanted was $4.39. i had exactly $4.39, but still i had anxiety about somehow being wrong & what would be thought of me if i didn’t have enough money after all. by the time i got to the register i couldn’t even add anymore i was such a mess.

  2. this makes me feel so insecure everytime.. i can’t even go to the store because i freak out- like they would give me an orange juice instead of an apple and because i’m so insecure i would just take it anyway and don’t even complain… I hate it because i can’t even do small favours to my parents and they get all mad and angry at me when the problem is that i don’t like to talk to people because they all just judge you.

  3. I’ve gone to put fuel in my car and couldn’t open the door. I’ve risked driving 15 miles with the fuel light on from the sheer panic of having someone look at me while I try to pay.

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