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13 thoughts on “281

  1. Reblogged this on Musings of a Creative Spirit and commented:
    I commented on your other blog. This is great! It tries to teach people that depressed people need to be validated. When someone has the flu you don’t tell them to get out of bed and act as if they are ok. It’s not ok to treat depressed people like children and discount their real biological illness and symptoms! I feel passionate about this! Therapists make this mistake too.

    1. In a recent blog post I wrote about having a stomach virus AND depression at the same time, and how much I discovered they were similar. It also helped me see that maybe both can be seen as passing and temporary. Here’s hoping. The stomach virus is gone, so…. 🙂

  2. This comic is amazing. This is where I want to be someday. I have PTSD from severe child abuse and almost my entire life, people have just expected me to be able to function normally. And I just can’t. So I blame myself and feel like something is wrong with ME. Your comic says everything I haven’t been able to say and validates me. Thank you for making this!

  3. Your comics describe what depression is REALLY like. Scrolling through them and I’ve had many of those experiences/feelings. Nobody has the right to judge or tell you how you should feel until they’ve gone through the darkness and isolation of depression themselves. Thank you!

  4. Have you tried listening to bees? They have this effect on my mind that reminds my heart who I am. yep. you can punch me now.

  5. Goodness. It’s really hard to explain what you are feeling or thinking to someone who just doesn’t have it. It’s not a simple mind switch — glad to have discovered your blog. All of these are amazing 🙂

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