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33 thoughts on “282

  1. Your art is amazing. It is good to raise awareness. When I read the part about running in circles in you head should count as exercise it reminded me when I said I should get credit for at least buying produce even if I didn’t eat it.

  2. This is brilliant and so true. As someone who has battled depression for what seems like forever, I can relate to this big time. I am chronicling my own battle right now on my blog. I would love to share your comics from time to time. I have gotten back to a point where I can now force myself to get out and run and exercise, so that shows right now I am winning this battle. Whether or not I can win the whole damned war remains to be seen though. Thank you for showing what it looks like so beautifully.

  3. Love it and keeping yourself active does keep you from being depressed because you don’t have time to worry about
    a stressful life, and if circles on things running through our mind could count for exercise that would be a miracle…

  4. LOL that’s me RIGHT NOW. Trying to will myself outside. The good part is the shower, makeup, and hair are done, now I just have to decide what to wear where I won’t feel self-conscious. This could take days.

  5. Hi, Its good to raise awareness obout this illness and yes it is a illness I believe please support and love those who are affected and thank you for raising awareness. God bless

  6. I have never experienced depression myself, but I often hear that it is a lot more than a case of just forcing yourself to snap out of it. This comic illustrates that quite well, I think.

  7. This is beautiful. Even when I feel motivated at the start, sometimes by the time I get all ready to go, I just can’t do it anymore. At least then I am in comfortable clothes to sit at home in.

  8. If running around in circles in your mind were an Olympic sport, I’d have a freaking gold medal! Of course, I’d never get around to displaying it because that would take motivation and energy…sigh….

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  10. This is pretty much me. Even walking the dogs is a chore. My head is full of good intentions but I just can’t seem to physically do it! I love your drawings – they all resonate on one level or another.

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