6 thoughts on “285

  1. This is me to a T. I have felt like this for the last 14 years. I feel like I will never be with anyone especially since I have put on so much weight. I have been self sabotaging my life for years.

  2. I find it ironic how the tings we concern our selves over when facing a new relationship, are the things that is least likely to persist through out our lives. Looks fade, bodies wear down so your activities change … what’s more, activities can be learned. Just because your not a really social outgoing person right now, doesn’t mean you will never be one. We change, we learn to love each others passions. These things are not set in stone. Love should not be based on what we do but rather whether we would be willing to do anything for another. It is the connection of two souls, not the self important likes and/or dislikes that make for a healthy relationship.

    The unchangeable, the things in our lives that will never be different. Those are the real stumbling blocks and not the imaginated/pre-empted ones. Don’t get me wrong, I understand those all too well.

    You can learn to enjoy hiking along with your partner, if you can walk that is.
    You can learn to love going to the gym and live healthy, if your joints can handle heavy weights, that is.
    You can even take a chance on sky-diving, if your heart won’t explode in doing so, that is.

    Focus on the tangible and that which is written in stone, the rest can always come later …

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