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20 thoughts on “287

  1. oh my afflicted soul. there must be a purpose. i’ve gotten off my high horse. i’ve become a good christian and found good meds. there must be a purpose. i think i have found it.

  2. And so it goes, the never ending cycle of crash, burn, salvage and return. Rinse and repeat till your dead on your feet …

    Acceptance is key. Know that you are bound to loose the plot and recognize the signs. Not that I am telling anyone to withdraw as that is not the answer either but to put it in the simplest way possible … When I get into an argument, I call a halt and walk away. I give my self a chance to absorb the situation and evaluate my possible responses. It’s either that or let loose the irrational bipolar rage, which no one ever deserves.

    The same goes for life. When you see your self faltering and lighting that flare, ready to burn everything around you so you can make a ‘clean escape’, step away … The term ‘sleep on it’, is based in truth. Things ‘look’ better after a well deserved rest. When we sleep, we learn, process information and get a better perspective. While we are awake, our mind is too consumed with day to day life to think rationally.

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I don’t know exactly why I was selected for Discover, but I do know I was first featured as an Early Adopter of a WordPress.com theme, a short while later, i made it into Freshly Pressed. Then, a year later, I received a mail about Discover. WordPress has been very kind to me, and I’m very grateful for their support. I don’t think there’s any trick, but I think they tend to gravitate towards blogs with visual components, so keep on doing that 🙂

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