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4 thoughts on “291

  1. I was sleeping likethis at midnight when i saw adream. In that dream I saw myself travelling in a train,alone in a bofey.I CANNOT SAY WHERE THE TRAIN WAS GOING ,AS THERE WERE NO STATIONS TILL I COME TO THE END OF THIS STORY. I looked out of the door and was surprised to see a famous magician hanging onthe outside of the next bogey and slowing moving towards mine. I askedhim whether he could not get a seat anywhere,hesaid no and I invited inside.He came and sat near me and we bwcame invoved in conversation like old friends.Someone brought 2 plates with sumptuous food.He advised me not to overeat,lest I should feel sleepy.In fact I went to sleep even before I finished the food in my plate.I did not understand what happened afterward,,BU La PRIVATE NOTE ADDED TO THIS STORY IS SURPRISING,THATI, WHO WAS AMAN EARLIER NIGHT LOOKED LIKE A LADY IN ALADIES DRESS,AND THE MAGICIAN TOLDME THAT SOMETHING HAS HAPPENED LAST NIGHT THAT WILL COMPEL HIM TO MARRY ME.bY THIS TIME THE TRAIN HAD STOPPED SOMEWHERE THAT iCANNOT SAY WHERE


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