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11 thoughts on “295

      1. I don’t disagree, I disapprove of generalisation where not applicable. Maybe ‘not entirely true’ would have been a more appropriate comment. Cheers.

      2. Nobody is generalizing anything, but ‘not entirely true’ does invalidate peoples’ experience who it is true for. None of these strips are 100% true for everybody and are not intended to be, but there are a number of people who obviously have this problem. Saying it doesn’t happen because it’s outside the range of your own personal experience is not the best path forward.

        Some responses from the Tumblr version of this site ( http://depressioncomix.tumblr.com/post/146075777992/depression-comix-295-view-site-view-patreon ):

        “Painfully accurate.” “Why yes, that is my mother…both my parents are toxic af. I’m 29 and half my life I’m struggling with depression and general anxiety, but still this is what they are able to do.” “Thanks mom” “Relate 100%”

        Comments from the Facebook version (https://www.facebook.com/depressioncomix/photos/a.289230341197523.70369.289226297864594/1000898286697388): “Sub my father for the female character and you’d have my situation. Except he was not so nice about it.” “I remember my parent saying one time “Depressed??? You are lazy, not depressed.””

        From the deviantART site ( http://depressioncomix.deviantart.com/art/depression-comix-295-615975397) : “That last frame is very powerful as I’ve gone through and seen others go through the same”

        This blog is not about invalidating the experiences of others. If you haven’t experienced it, cheers to you but it doesn’t mean others haven’t.

  1. Demonstrates well how loved ones can go into a state of denial, because they feel they’ve failed you. I can’t say I’ve personally experienced it with family, but I have in relationships, after all it’s those closest to us who can wrongly feel most responsible, for our happiness.

  2. Funny but sadly true. We also have to understand parents aren’t born with magical capabilities for raising children, they make mistakes and denial of depression is among a plethora of others

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