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4 thoughts on “319

  1. Sad, but true. Even if your meds are helping, if you don’t LOOL depressed (as people think you should), people – even doctors – often don’t believe you.

  2. So true. I’ve been met with skeptical attitudes towards the depression part of my illness ( bipolar) because of the fact that i dye my hair bright colours, and like nice clothes. Oh, and i enjoy comedy. I like the idea of laughing, so how could i possibly ever be legitimately depressed ?? Ugh. Apparently depressed people look and behave like Tim Burton movie characters. Is it any wonder so many people fall between the cracks. I’m so sick of it. Nobody is listening to us. It’s enough of an effort just trying to live with the illness without having to expend further energy ( which we often don’t have) just to PROVE to people that we are indeed in need of help. The first thing we’re told by well- meaning institutions and individuals is to “seek help”. But when we try, every step of the way is a damn battle that we don’t have the energy for. Then people wonder why we get desperate and suicidal. We’re screaming into the void.

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