guest comic by EK


This is a comic by EK, who hasn’t come out yet with her bipolar yet but has graciously decided to share this comic with us.

Not too long ago I sent you a message on Tumblr telling about my bipolar disorder and how it’s affecting my inspiration. Couple of months ago I started medication which I am now taking the full amount of, and I’m slowly getting back my will to pick up a pen. In my message I mentioned how I’ve contemplated on doing my own wee depressioncomix about the subject. Well, just moments ago I finished my work … Unfortunately I didn’t use black or grayscale as using it shoots up my anxiety levels, so I picked other appropriate colours.

Thank you very much EK, and it’s a wonderful message that inspiration can return, and a wonderful comic.

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fanart: usagiscribbles



Usagiscribbles, who gave us depression comix’s first fan art with her depiction of depressed character #2, now gives us another with her take on Society:

The Society is the character from Depression Comix. Who told you that even that bitch isn’t deeply fucked up?

Or she could be faking, because, you know, being depressed is so edgy and is healed by shopping uguu~

Interpret it as you like.

I gave her an unique “smile” picture with lips because she is The Society after all, DUH.

You can see her original piece on deviantart here. Thank you very much, usagiscribbles!

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